Welcome to my page, and thank you for your interest in hand thrown contemporary ceramics. I'm Donna Bull, 
a hobby potter based in Doncaster working mainly in stoneware. I make functional and decorative hand-thrown pieces.

I am fascinated by the medium that is clay and by the fire that transforms it. The metamorphosis from soft mud to beautiful sculptural ceramic by the power of fire will always surprise and delight me.

I like to leave some of my pots unglazed, exposing the organic feel of the fired clay, but others are covered in homemade glazes that whilst being affected by many factors during the making and firing process are both tactile and synonymous with nature. I fire my work both in an electric kiln at 1280c, and in a wood fired kiln.

I make pottery in my 'spare room' studio at home. I have positioned my potters' wheel so that I can see the view out over my garden and the trees beyond as I work. As you can see from the images below, the space can only be described as 'compact'! 

Please take a moment to browse the pages on the left, there you will find a small selection of images showing examples of my work. If you have any questions about my pottery, or the processes involved, I would be happy to answer, please see the contact me page.